Square Feet Garner Home Tour

There is something particularly charming about ‘small town talk.’ Chatter among the community tends to revolve around a number of themes including Collierville having the area’s best schools, prosperous economic growth within the community, the latest special event on our beloved Town

USL Memphis

Soccer Community Growing in Memphis

 USL Coming to Memphis Downtown Memphis has had many exciting developments recently, and now we’re welcoming one of the coolest additions yet — the  United Soccer League (USL) is coming to Memphis! Memphis’ addition to the league is not only a huge


Education That Works

If you follow national trends in business and education (or regularly read Tour Collierville), you’re aware a chasm exists between the training students receive before leaving high school and the training needed to fill entry-level positions. This gap was created through a


Collierville’s Cool Cars

Spot one of these classic cars on the road this summer and heads are sure to turn! From Corvettes to T-Birds, you’ll want to ‘Take It To The Limit’ in one of these gorgeous models! Special thanks to Art & Speed Classic

st georges

Nurturing Children’s Creativity

Interested in fostering the skills and mindset that can unlock a child’s greatest potential? It might be worth focusing on creativity. Whether a child grows up to be an inventor, athlete, artist, or entrepreneur the ability to think creatively can be a


Collierville Sound

  A few short months ago, Tour Collierville published an article profiling an up-and-coming local band that everyone in town could get behind. It seems the town has done just that. The band, Under The Radar, made the lineup for Collierville’s upcoming

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