A CEO’s Dream

In a recent corporate headquarters recruiting meeting, where we were having an in-depth discussion with an organization’s CEO, we were asked about crime, schools, infrastructure, workforce, access, amenities and our future. On one key driver after another, we had a unique and

It Starts with a Square

As we sat around the creative table to begin the process of refreshing the Tour Collierville brand, we could all agree on one thing: like Collierville itself, our identity must start with a square. While Collierville is many things today, the square is

Collierville has a new Garage

The spirit of garage rock lives on in every group of musicians that has ever jammed together and dreamed of sharing their music to an audience of screaming fans singing their songs. While that spirit may be alive and well, we’ve found

CHS Band Marches Through Time

A rhythmic thunder can be heard as the Collierville High School Band marches their way onto the field for a Friday night of Dragon football. The CHS Band that now has nearly 200 active members has evolved tremendously over the last 70

Art Filled Evening among the Roses

Bob and Mary Jean Smith, local restaurateur, realtor and philanthropist, certainly knows how to host a lovely dinner party. Be a part of this memorable event on May 21st beginning at 5pm. Each Spring Mary Jean opens up her sprawling estate grounds

Memphis Up in Here

As Collierville sits on the outskirts of one of the most influential music cities in the world, it’s understandable that Memphis music comes to mind when considering Collierville music. So we would be remiss to exclude Memphis in this music-themed issue of

The Benefits of a Musical Environment

You can make music with just about anything found in your household. Adding a musically inclined environment to your child’s life offers extensive benefits for their emotional, intellectual and social development. For young children, music helps identify teamwork. It shows that you

Building their Crescendo

Schilling Farms Middle The Schilling Farms Middle School choral department offers choir for the beginning, intermediate, and advanced singer. The students love to give back to the community and in the past years, the students have performed at many different venues that

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