Latest Developments

John Duncan, the Town of Collierville Director of Economic Development, discussed over lunch the latest developments around Collierville. “How much space do you have?” he asked. Here’s what he had to report as we took a little virtual cruise around town: TOWN

CEF, Making Kid’s Dreams a Reality

For nearly thirty years the Collierville Education Foundation (CEF) has been equipping our youth with the potential to dream big! CEF is projecting to award $100-125,000 in grants to eight public Collierville schools in the upcoming school year and the Foundation encourages

Modern Day Lemonade Stand

One rite of passage, the summer lemonade stand, offers a multitude of life lessons for any young person. Turn into one of our Collierville neighborhoods on a hot summer day and you may find a nostalgic sight – a folding table draped

Cover Girls

Choosing a cover photo that represents the theme for each issue of TourCollierville magazine is an exciting, yet challenging decision. We pour over countless images looking for the one photo that makes us feel something. Maybe that feeling is appreciation of the


Academically gifted students are competitively selected to participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), an educational program designed to prepare them for advancement in post-secondary institutions. Upon completion, each student will have a unique portfolio of experience and project work that

“This bed is JUST RIGHT!”

Showing homes to families with small children is always an adventure! One young girl loved a pink room with a beautiful comforter so much, she jumped under the covers and pretended to take a nap! (I called the listing agent afterwards, and

Collierville Playgrounds

Collierville has many options when it comes to outdoor play! Spending time in nature gives the entire family a chance to ‘unplug’ from our gadget dependent lives, relax and explore the community around us. With fourteen plus playgrounds to choose from within

Tree House Tours

Having your own treehouse allows your imagination, no matter at what age, to run wild. You’re hanging out literally above the world with the bugs and birds, maybe a few friends and a pile of books to keep you company. Pictures of

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